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N-DASH: Novo/Florin Holding, Mining & Node Dashboard

N-DASH is a lightweight, responsive, web-based user interface for Novo/Florin users who run a wallet, node, witnessing, mining account, or all of the above on a Linux or unix server (i.e. a Raspberry Pi). Using this dashboard users can keep an eye on their Novo/Florin server and control their nodes, holding and mining account(s) without the need of a terminal. It also includes the option to control a Novo/Florin wallet.

This dashboard is created with the idea to keep everything as simple as possible, so even people who are not very good with computers or don't understand how to set up a holding account can use this functionality of Novo/Florin. Of course, new ideas and comments are always welcome. You can contact me via email:

N-DASH releases 1.x are for Novo (Florin version up to 1.0.11).
N-DASH 2.0 onwards is for Florin (version 2.0.1 up to 2.0.3), but Novo naming is still used (with a few exceptions) for the time being.
N-DASH 2.1 onwards is for Florin 2.0.4 onwards (mining arena setup added).

See N-DASH manual for the installation procedure.