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source :rubygems
gem "rack"
gem "sinatra", "~> 1.3.2"
gem "rake"
# For managing our Ruby load path.
gem "pathological"
gem "resque"
# For writing CSS more conveniently.
gem "sass", "~> 3.1.16"
# For managing compiling and caching assets
gem "pinion"
# Really nice scss mixin library.
gem "bourbon"
# For JS minification
gem "uglifier"
# We're pulling in our own grit fork with bugfixes.
gem "grit", :git => "", :ref => "38d0e6660b78bff97499280fae09a78b087c50b4"
gem "json"
gem "sequel"
gem "mysql2"
gem "thin"
gem "pygments.rb"
gem "redis"
gem "ruby-openid"
gem "redcarpet", "= 2.0.0b3"
gem "coffee-script"
gem "methodchain"
gem "sinatra-contrib" # For Sinatra::Reloader
# Clockwork is a cron implementation in Ruby. We use it for periodically fetching new commits.
gem "clockwork"
# For running all of our background processes together from a single developer-friendly command.
gem "foreman"
# For sending emails.
gem "pony"
# For rendering erb outside of views.
gem "tilt"
# For generating unified diffs
gem "diff-lcs"
# For validating repo uris
gem "addressable"
# For nicely indented heredocs
gem "dedent"
# For making exception backtraces more friendly during development.
gem "backtrace_shortener"
# For running our app in production, using multiple workers.
gem "unicorn"
# for templates that can be rendered client and server side
gem "mustache"
# For executing javascript inside Ruby (for compiling coffeescript).
gem "therubyracer"
# For scripting system setup.
gem "terraform"
group :test do
# NOTE(caleb): require rr >= 1.0.3 and scope >= 0.2.3 for mutual compatibility
gem "rr", ">= 1.0.3"
gem "scope", ">= 0.2.3"
gem "rack-test"
gem "nokogiri"
gem "pry"
group :development do
gem "fezzik"
gem "pry"
gem "awesome_print"
gem "vagrant" # For testing deployments
gem "statusz" # For the deploy information status page