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== Welcome to BaseApp

BaseApp is a default Ruby on Rails project which by default includes the following:

 * A layout, including:
    - tabs
    - global links
    - optional sidebar
    - notice, warning and error flash messages
    - a very agreeable stylesheet (which is easy to customize)
 * Default dashboard page
 * Administration panel where you can:
    - Manage users (add, delete, purge, suspend, activate, send new passwords)
    - Manage settings 
 * User authentication, with:
    - login form at /login
    - signup form at /signup
    - password and login recovery
    - activation
 * User Profiles:
    - Location, Website, Full name fields by default, easily extendible.
    - Gravatars
 * Plugins:
    - restful_authentication
    - acts_as_state_machine
 * Frozen Rails 2.1.1

== Getting started

There are several things you'll need to do before you can really get started. Run the following rake command:

   rake notes:todo

This will generate a list of TODO entries throughout the project. Check the TODO entries in the code for more information.

Note: Todo's tagged with (BaseApp) are for the BaseApp project itself. You can safely ignore these.

== Contribute! 

There are still some things I want in BaseApp, but which haven't gotten around to implementing yet.

NOTE: Also run 'rake notes:todo'. Todo's tagged with (BaseApp) are also wanted features

 * TESTS!!!
 * Manage roles / permissions
 * OpenID signup/login
 * Configuration (e.g. from config/app.yml) (use activation? enable OpenID? etc.)
 * Use Gibberish, Globalize or Rails 2.2's i18n and make the whole app available in English and Dutch by default
 * A website, documentation, bug/patch tracker
Feel free to implement any of these features and send in a patch. Other features are welcome also, but those will be judged on general usability. 

== Credit

BaseAPP is developed by Ariejan de Vroom and released to the public under the MIT license.