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A jQuery plugin for peelback ads
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jQuery Peelback Ad

This is a jQuery plugin for adding a "peelback" or "peelaway" ad to a page. It's based on this peelback demo, by Soh Tanaka, which achieves the peelback effect by animating the ad image (the background image) and the peel image in parallel.

Some features:

  • Except for the two images, everything is contained in the plugin, which means you can add this to your site without having to touch your stylesheets or HTML.
  • Lightweight. The script and the peel effect image combined are only 7.3KB.
  • Plugs into Google Analytics Event Tracking to record the mouseover/peelback event.
  • Works in all modern browsers as well as IE6, IE7, and IE8.
  • Optional version that uses a data URI for the peelback image.

How to use it:

Just call the .peelback() method on the body element and fill in the parameters.


adImage : path to the ad image (string)
peelImage : path to "peel-image.png" (string)
clickURL : click-through URL for the ad (string)

Note: In the data URI version, the peelImage parameter does not exist because the image is contained within the script.


gaTrack : Send peelback events to Google Analytics? (boolean; default=false)
gaLabel : GA event label to use (string; default="default")
autoAnimate : animate peelback corner on pageload (boolean; default=true)
debug : display errors in console (boolean; default=false)

    adImage     : 'peel-ad.png',
    peelImage   : '../assets/peel-image.png',
    clickURL    : '',
    gaTrack     : true,
    gaLabel     : '#1 Stegosaurus',
    autoAnimate : true,
    debug       : false 



jQuery. Tested on 1.4.4 but should work in most older versions.


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