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// Copyright 2018 Ara Israelyan. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package nestedset
// NodeInterface is the interface implemented by types that can be used by nodes in nested set
type NodeInterface interface {
Type() string // Returns type of node
Name() string // Returns name of node
Id() int64 // Returns id of node
Level() int64 // Returns level of node
Left() int64 // Returns left of node
Right() int64 // Returns right of node
SetId(int64) // Sets node id
SetName(string) // Sets node name
SetLevel(int64) // Sets node level
SetLeft(int64) // Sets node left
SetRight(int64) // Sets node right
// Node represents generic node type with NodeInterface implementation
type Node struct {
NodeId int64 `json:"id"`
NodeName string `json:"node_name"`
NodeLevel int64 `json:"level"`
NodeLeft int64 `json:"left"`
NodeRight int64 `json:"right"`
// NewNode returns a new Node instance
func NewNode() *Node {
return &Node{}
// Type implements NodeInterface.Type() and returns "generic" type
func (n Node) Type() string {
return "generic"
func (n Node) Name() string {
return n.NodeName
func (n Node) Id() int64 {
return n.NodeId
func (n Node) Level() int64 {
return n.NodeLevel
func (n Node) Left() int64 {
return n.NodeLeft
func (n Node) Right() int64 {
return n.NodeRight
func (n *Node) SetId(id int64) {
n.NodeId = id
func (n *Node) SetName(name string) {
n.NodeName = name
func (n *Node) SetLevel(level int64) {
n.NodeLevel = level
func (n *Node) SetLeft(left int64) {
n.NodeLeft = left
func (n *Node) SetRight(right int64) {
n.NodeRight = right
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