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Flower is a Flowdock Bot

Flowdock is a team collaboration and group chat service, similar to Campfire.

Flowdock is also the group chat service of choice at the Mynewsdesk R&D dept. To make it more fun and/or usable, we made this bot.

Flower was made to be easy to extend with your own commands.

How do I use it?

  1. Create a new Flowdock account for your Flower bot. Give it a nick, for example "Bot", or "Steve".
  2. Download/clone the repository
  3. Copy and rename config.yml.example to config.yml, and fill it with your settings
  4. Run the bot in the background: rake run &
  5. Mention your Bot in the chat to command it

Writing my own commands

You should write your own commands to make Flower fun and/or useful for your team.

This is easy. Simply create a class like this in lib/commands that inherits Flower::Command:

class MyCommand < Flower::Command
  respond_to "testing"
  def self.respond(command, message, sender, flower)
    # Do something with "flower"
    flower.say("Only testing")
  def self.description
    "Text that describes your command. It's used in the built-in Help command."

MyCommand.repsond will be invoked when a message prefix matches what you respond_to. Arguments passed are:

  • command - The matched command
  • message - The entire message
  • sender - A hash with sender user id/nick info: {:id => 123, :nick => "Jonas"}
  • flower - The Flower instance, that can say or paste something