Ruby library for accessing memcachedb. (yes DB not just D)
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A ruby library for accessing memcachedb:


To install the gem

Using memcachedb-client

With a single server: CACHE = :servers=>'localhost:11211' With multiple master servers CACHE = [{:servers=>'host1:11211', :name=>'host1'}, {:servers=>'host2:11211', :name=>'host2'}] With a single master-slave configuration

CACHE = :servers=>['localhost:11211', 'localhost:11212'] With multiple master-slave configuration CACHE = [{:servers=>['host1:11211', 'host1:11212'], :name=>'host1'}, {:servers=>['host2:11211', 'host2:11212'], :name=>'host2'}]

* The master will be determined automatically

Starting memcachedb as a master-slave configuration

memcachedb -p11211 -r -H ./memcache1 -N -R -O -p11211 : the memcache port the server will listen to -R : the port the replication server will listen to for this instance -O : each other replication server in the master-slave group -The master will be elected once all servers are started.

Questions on memcachedb-client ?


memcache-client Documentation


A ruby library for accessing memcached.


Installing memcache-client

Just install the gem:

$ sudo gem install memcache-client

Using memcache-client

With one server:

CACHE = 'localhost:11211'

Or with multiple servers:

CACHE = %w[]

Tuning memcache-client

The method takes a number of options which can be useful at times. Please read the source comments there for an overview. If you are using Ruby 1.8.x and using multiple memcached servers, you should install the RubyInline gem for ultimate performance.

Using memcache-client with Rails

Rails 2.1+ includes memcache-client 1.5.0 out of the box. See ActiveSupport::Cache::MemCacheStore and the Rails.cache method for more details. Rails 2.3+ will use the latest memcache-client gem installed.


memcache-client is maintained by Mike Perham and was originally written by Bob Cottrell, Eric Hodel and the seattle.rb crew.





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