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tracers-cmp-benchmark measures the overhead associated with Linux tracers : Trace-cmd, Perf and LTTng.


tracers-cmp-benchmark is written in C which requires build-essential package :

sudo apt-get install build-essential

Compile QSort sources

Qsort is the reference program used with the different tracers

$ gcc -o qsort qsort.cpp

Compile benchmarker sources

ftrace-perf-lttng-benchmarker launches QSort and attaches the tracers to collect their overhead.

$ gcc -o ftrace-perf-lttng-benchmarker ftrace-perf-lttng-benchmarker.c

Usage : Collect tracers overhead

ftrace-perf-lttng-benchmarkercan be started (make sure to install the tracers before) :

$ ./ftrace-perf-lttng-benchmarker [select-tracer] [number_of_tests_to perform]

Where :

  • select-tracer : 1 - ftrace, 2 - Perf, 3 - LTTng, 4 - All Tracers
  • number_of_tests_to_perform : number of times to repeat collecting the data. It is always better to take the average of multiple tests

As an example, to measure the overhead of all tracers and repeat the test for 10 times :

$ sudo ./ftrace-perf-lttng-benchmarker 4 10


please feel free to contact me :

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