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Set initial config perms 0600, it holds secrets #120

merged 2 commits into from about 2 years ago

3 participants

Brendon Murphy Nobuhiro IMAI jugyo
Brendon Murphy

Since the config file holds secret keys for oauth, I figured it was best written default the first time with 0600 perms.

Nobuhiro IMAI
no6v commented

Thank you for noticing this. I agree with this patch even though I prefer using mode: "w", perm: 0600 style :).

I think this File instance could be closed immediately by giving (empty) block or close explicitly.
How do you feel? Is that GC job?

Brendon Murphy

Hmm, I wasn't aware could be passed the perm in a hash. If so, that's probably more explicit.

As for closing it, I'd favor explicit .close over an empty block; it would confuse a reader less. I will drop both in an additional commit.

Nobuhiro IMAI
no6v commented

Does "w" leave alone? or {mode: "w"} ? But that is not essential.
Now, everything is reasonable for me, thanks.
@jugyo, can I merge this?

Nobuhiro IMAI
no6v commented

Sorry for my misreading. mode: is there exactly!

jugyo jugyo merged commit 42f70ba into from
jugyo jugyo closed this
jugyo commented

It was merged.
I think 0600 is best.


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  1. +1 1  lib/earthquake/core.rb
2  lib/earthquake/core.rb
@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ def load_config
85 85 if File.exists?(config[:file])
86 86 load config[:file]
87 87 else
88   -[:file], 'w')
  88 +[:file], mode: 'w', perm: 0600).close
89 89 end
90 90
91 91 config.update(preferred_config) do |key, cur, new|

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