A large pile of changes resulting from a trans-continental half-day hackfest! #46

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Hi! Sam (@samwho) and I spent a few hours yesterday working on Earthquake. This pull request includes all of our published changes, including:

  • Adding support for "count" when using :recent (though not for lists as the twitter-oauth lib doesn't support it and I was unsure about extending it to do so)
  • Supporting, and preferring, invoking the editor defined in the "VISUAL" environment variable, falling back on "EDITOR" if unavailable (Gvim over Vim, for example)
  • Expanding plugin support to include listing installed plugins, viewing their source, uninstalling them, and stubbing out support for installing outside of GitHub Gists (mainly for development purposes, and it is shipped disabled in the config)
  • Support choosing whether to see errors printed in the CLI instead of notification service (which was enormously confounding!)

Let me know if you have any questions!


TrevorBramble and others added some commits May 29, 2011

Gave you the configuration option to put errors in the command line i…
…nstead of the notification area. They go to the command line by default now and a few functions that previously just notified will now be run through the error method.

Changed the String.coloring method a bit. It can now take nil as a first parameter which will represent coloring the entire string. This could probably be written better.
Populated the rudimentary help system. Added some error checking to t…
…he :edit_config command and medified the regex for the :! command so it works like vim.

jugyo commented Jun 4, 2011

Please wait. I'm considering about those.

Thanks for the update. =^)

If you believe some of the additions we've offered should not be included (and there are more to come), Sam and I would be happy to maintain a separate fork apart from earthquake, which you would of course be welcome to pull from at your discretion.

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