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ruby_gntp is incompatible with Growl < 1.3 #2

jlecour opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I'm a big fan of g and use it everyday in may of my projects. Thank you for making and maintaining it.

As far as I can tell, ruby_gntp is incompatible with Growl < 1.3, the consequence is that it's incompatible with Mac OS X < 10.7

Guard had the same issue (guard/guard#154) and I think they choose to autodetect with notification libraries are available, using ruby_gntp if available, or falling back to others (including growl, …).

It'd be great if we could use g >= 1.6 on OS X < 1.7.



You can use the ruby-growl version instead ruby_gntp.
Please try it.

gem install g -v '1.4'

Thanks for the quick answer. It's working with g < 1.5 but I wish I could benefit from other improvements (like the block) without having to install Lion and Growl 1.3 (without mentioning that both of these cost some money)

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