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My personal Vim setup - mainly for my own use but feel free to copy/fork/whatever.

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My personal Vim setup. Using GitHub to sync between home/work/netbook. Feel free to use and/or fork your own.

Included plugins:
* rails.vim
* snippets.vim
* rspec.vim
* cucumber.vim
* git.vim
* tComment.vim
* FuzzyFinder and FuzzyFinder Textmate (needs Ruby)
* NERD Tree
* surround.vim
* ack.vim

Works best if you don't already have any Vim setup.

git clone git:// ~/.vim

Set the .vimrc file as a symlink to get updates.

ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc
ln -s ~/.vim/gvimrc ~/.gvimrc

Periodically, to keep up to date:

cd ~/.vim
git pull

Useful commands/shortcuts

,t - open the fuzzy finder search
,b - fuzzy finder buffer - helps you switch between open files
gc - toggle comments

Rails Vim
gf - go to file referenced under the cursor (even the class of a variable!)
:A - go to the alternate file (spec/code)
:Rake - run specs

NERD tree
,d - toggle the NERD tree (drawer)
o - expand directory
O - recursive expand
x - close parent directory

p - go to parent
P - go to root
u - go up a directory
C - set current directory to be the root.

r - refresh

o - open file in last window
i - open in a horizontal split
s - open in a vertical split

? - toggle help for more commands

Git Vim
,gs - git status
,gd - git diff
,ga - add current file
,gA - add all outstanding files (non-standard - i changed this!)
,gc - git commit
,gp - git push

Visually select the text you wish to surround
Type s and then the thing you want to surround with
e.g {, (, <p>, <p class='amazing'>
It is super-clever and will insert the appropriate close for you.

:Ack followed by the text you wish to ack for. It's fairly obvious how to navigate the results. Note that you will need ack installed.

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