A Hugo theme based on the Phantom theme by HTML5 UP.
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Hugo Phantom Theme

This is a Hugo theme based on the Phantom Theme by HTML5 UP.

I created this theme for my blog. Actually it's my first Hugo theme.

I provided an example site to show how to use the theme.

To make use of the tiles on the start page you have to provide a link to an image in the metadata section. You can use the built-in dictionary 'images' for this.


title: foo bar
- /images/pic01.jpg
- /images/pic13.jpg


title = "foo bar"
images = ["/images/pic06.jpg", "/images/pic13.jpg"]

The first image is used for the tile on the front page. The second as a title picture in the post.

There is basic i18n support with a YAML-file in the data folder, so that you can easily customize the theme to your language.

Look at exampleSite/data/i18n.yaml

morelink: "More…"
sectionshare: "Share"
sectionfollow: "Follow"

Please report bugs here