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IF Name Generator

The name generator creates randomized names based on a list of existing names. The names are generated by taking the beginning part of one name and appending the end part of another name.

The default list is comprised of interactive fiction titles, but the algorithm works just as well for any titles.

The original generator and algorithm was created by David Fisher, who was inspired by the Video Game Name Generator and extracted the name list from Baf's Guide (see the rec.arts.int-fiction thread). The current list is from the IFDB database dump (January 2017).

The name generator is online at http://nitku.net/if/namegenerator.


The list of names can also be requested as JSON or plain text.

Send a GET request to http://nitku.net/if/namegenerator/ with any of the following parameters:

format: Either html, txt, json or jsonp. If the format is jsonp, a callback parameter must be supplied, otherwise a JSON response is returned. Default is html.

n: The amount of names to return. Must be between 1 and 500. Default is 40.

ifcomp: If supplied, every title has at least one part taken from the given IFComp year's titles. Must be between 1995 and 2016.



The server has Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * header set so cross-origin requests are possible.

The API doesn't have a hard request limit, but if you plan on using it in a way that puts considerable stress on the server, please discuss it beforehand or consider installing the script to your own server. Excess usage can cause an IP block.