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This is a Maven assembly to create a zip distro of the quickstarts. To run

mvn clean install

You will find a zip in target/jboss-as-docs-<version>.zip

The in src/main/assembly will be included in the finished zip.

Release process for quickstarts

  1. Release the archetypes

  2. Regenerate the archetype based quickstarts

     ./ -r <version of archetypes>

    This script assumes that the archetypes and quickstarts are version sync'd

  3. Commit any changes to the archetype based quickstarts

  4. Update versions by running

     ./ -u -o <old snapshot version> -n <release version>
  5. Commit the version update

  6. Tag

     git tag -a <release version> -m "Release <release version"
  7. Reset version numbers to snapshots

     ./ -u -o <release version> -n <new snapshot version>
  8. Checkout the tag

     git checkout <release version>
  9. Build the dist

     mvn clean install
  10. Upload the dist to

    rsync -Pv target/jboss-as-docs-<version>.zip<minor version>/<version>/
  11. Update