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@github-actions github-actions released this 19 Dec 15:35
· 8 commits to master since this release

This release brings technical breaking changes or renamings (⚠️) which might require migrating to a newer Node.js version or updating existing customization files.

👟 Runtime

  • Added support for Node.js 21.x
  • Removed support for Node.js 16.x and no longer provide packaged distributions for this version (⚠️)
  • Removed inofficial support for Node.js 17.x

🎨 UI

  • 1946f2e: The new Score Board introduced with v15.1.0 is now the default
  • Inverted banners and option to switch layouts to allow setting the legacy Score Board as default
  • #2152: Enchanced scrolling behavior in Coding Challenge modal to keep buttons always visible (kudos to @bogminic)

🕵️ Cheat Detection

  • #2150: Switched to median instead of average to calculate total cheat score
  • Monitor and report on expected URL interactions to happen before related challenges are solved (no score impact yet)

🔙 Backward compatibility

  • #2149: Links to /#/score-board?challenge=<name> will now be rewritten into /#/score-board?searchQuery= to keep existing OpenCRE links working

⚙️ DevOps Automation

  • Update default Node.js version for non-matrix build jobs to 20.x
  • Update Node.js version in base Docker images to 20.x