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MongoDB policy storage, implemented as an adapter for node-casbin.

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Getting Started

Install the package as dependency in your project:

npm install --save casbin-mongodb-adapter

Require it in a place, where you are instantiating an enforcer (read more about enforcer here):

import {newEnforcer, Enforcer} from 'casbin';
import { MongoAdapter } from 'casbin-mongodb-adapter';
import * as path from 'path';

async function myFunction() {
  const model = path.resolve(__dirname, 'casbin-files/rbac_model.conf');

  const adapter = await MongoAdapter.newAdapter({
    uri: 'mongodb://localhost:27017',
    collection: 'casbin',
    database: 'node-casbin-official'

  const e = await newEnforcer(model, adapter);

  await e.loadPolicy();

  // Check the permission.
  e.enforce('alice', 'data1', 'read');

  // Modify the policy.
  // await e.addPolicy(...);
  // await e.removePolicy(...);

  // Save the policy back to DB.
  await e.savePolicy();

That is all what required for integrating the adapter into casbin. Casbin itself calls adapter methods to persist updates you made through it.


You can pass mongodb-specific options when instantiating the adapter:

import { MongoAdapter } from 'casbin-mongodb-adapter';

const adapter = await MongoAdapter.newAdapter({
  uri: 'mongodb://localhost:27017',
  collection: 'casbin',
  database: 'node-casbin-official',
  option: {

Additional information regard to options you can pass in you can find in mongodb documentation