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  1. iot-probee Public

    Probee is a Arduino & RaspberryPi Open Hardware robotic self-navigating car

    C 6 4

  2. Rucicka is a Lynxmotion AL-5D Robotic Manipulator controlled by BotBoardDuino coded in Arduino & Ruby

    Ruby 3 1

  3. MQTT Warehouse is a cute simulation of a Internet of Things warehouse where forklifts can be driven by MQTT

    Ruby 1

  4. Anemone is an open platform which allows you to experiment with Internet of Things

    CSS 3

  5. drone-ruby Public

    Drone 0.7.0 CI image to build Ruby 2.4.2/2.5.1 apps we use at Juicymo

    Shell 4 3


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