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Welcome to the Juju Big Data community repo. This serves as our hub for hosting designs, blog posts, and (most importantly) information about how you can get involved!

For an intro to our community, have a look at our Getting Started post. You'll find code, details about the Big Data solutions available in Juju, and links to a few short videos describing some of our work. We periodically update the main blog with new content about the Big Data ecosystem, so be sure to check that out at

The Team

The Juju Big Data team consists of the following Canonical employees. Feel free to reach out to any of us with questions or comments:


In addition to emailing the team members listed above, you can find many community members in #juju on or mail the list at We look forward to hearing from you!

Next Steps

In the future, we'll be providing our design docs and roadmap in an effort to gather input from big data community members. We'll also provide resources for contributing to our projects and plans. We hope you'll join us!