Apache Bigtop

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Apache Bigtop Juju Charming Effort

As a community, this is the core set of the Apache Bigtop components that we want to ensure have Juju Charms available in the Bigtop repo for cloud deployment, usage, and testing by the end of the 16.10 cycle (i.e., October 2016).

If you're new to Juju and Charms, check out Getting Started with Juju.

Feedback or contributions to this list are welcome here, on the Juju mailing list, on the Apache Bigtop mailing list, Jira, or on IRC in #juju or #bigtop on Freenode. Code can be submitted as Pull Requests on GitHub or as patches in Jira.

If you want to contribute to one of these or another component, please let us know!