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# Bundle Builder for CDK
In this directory you'll find the `bundle` script, which will allow you to build
CDK bundles out of bundle fragments (found in the fragments subdirectory). Here's
what building the default bundle looks like:
./bundle k8s/cdk cni/flannel
This will compose the fragments into a single bundle and version them according
to the given channel, which by default is `stable`. Additionally, a bundle will be generated by concatenating all the fragment's in the
order given.
## Options
### Channel
You can select a channel using the `--channel` or `-c` option. Valid options are
`stable`, `unstable`, `edge`, and `local`.
#### Example
./bundle -c edge k8s/core cni/flannel
> Note: for this to work, the fragment charms must be public for the given channel.
The `local` channel can be used to generate a bundle wherein all the charms
are referenced locally. The `--localpath` or `-l` option can be used to set the
path for the location of all the charms. *All the charms must be located in the
same path for the local channel to work*. By default, `--localpath` is set to
### Output directory
You can set the location for the resulting `bundle.yaml` and `` with the
`--outputdir` or `-o` flag.
#### Example
./bundle -o foo k8s/core cni/flannel
> Note: `bundle` will not overwrite existing bundle.yaml and files. If
> you provide a location that contains these files, `bundle` will abort.
## Building all the bundles
This directory includes a makefile that will produce all known bundles. The
CDK default bundle (CDK bundle + Flannel CNI) `bundle.yaml` and `` files
will be placed in the root of this repo. The other bundles will be placed in the
`bundles` directory of the root of this repo. If you update bundle fragments, be
sure to run make so that the bundles and their readme's are updated:
cd bundler
## Fragments
The `fragments` directory is laid out so:
├── cni
│ └── flannel
│ ├── bundle.yaml
│ └──
├── k8s
│ ├── cdk
│ │ ├── bundle.yaml
│ │ └──
│ └── core
│ ├── bundle.yaml
│ └──
└── monitor
└── elastic
├── bundle.yaml
When the user adds the `k8s/cdk` fragment, they're grabbing the `bundle.yaml`
and `` from `fragments/k8s/cdk`.
Each fragment is simply a bundle with two constraints:
- It needs to interoperate with a `k8s` fragment by setting up relations.
- It must not define versions for charms.
Here's a simple example from the `flannel` fragment:
series: xenial
charm: "cs:~containers/flannel"
- - "flannel:etcd"
- "etcd:db"
- - "flannel:cni"
- "kubernetes-master:cni"
- - "flannel:cni"
- "kubernetes-worker:cni"

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