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UpdateAddonsTactic is too verbose #169

Cynerva opened this Issue Jan 3, 2017 · 1 comment


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Cynerva commented Jan 3, 2017

Per suggestion in juju-solutions/kubernetes#94, we should pipe the git clone and file copy output to DEBUG.

build: Composing into /home/ubuntu/charms
build: Destination charm directory: /home/ubuntu/charms/builds/kubernetes-master
build: Processing layer: layer:basic
build: Processing layer: layer:tls-client
build: Processing layer: layer:debug
build: Processing layer: kubernetes-master (from .)
build: Processing interface: tls-certificates
build: Processing interface: etcd
build: Processing interface: http
build: Processing interface: kubernetes-cni
build: Processing interface: kube-dns
build: Processing interface: ceph-admin
build: Processing interface: public-address
Cleaning /home/ubuntu/charms/builds/kubernetes-master/templates/addons
Cloning into '/tmp/kubernetesZpl0Cy'...
remote: Counting objects: 13345, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (10831/10831), done.
remote: Total 13345 (delta 3870), reused 8271 (delta 1870), pack-reused 0
Receiving objects: 100% (13345/13345), 20.26 MiB | 11.42 MiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (3870/3870), done.
Checking connectivity... done.
'/tmp/kubernetesZpl0Cy/cluster/addons/dashboard/dashboard-controller.yaml' -> '/home/ubuntu/charms/builds/kubernetes-master/templates/addons/dashboard-controller.yaml'
'/tmp/kubernetesZpl0Cy/cluster/addons/dashboard/dashboard-service.yaml' -> '/home/ubuntu/charms/builds/kubernetes-master/templates/addons/dashboard-service.yaml'
'/tmp/kubernetesZpl0Cy/cluster/addons/dns/' -> '/home/ubuntu/charms/builds/kubernetes-master/templates/addons/kubedns-controller.yaml'
'/tmp/kubernetesZpl0Cy/cluster/addons/dns/' -> '/home/ubuntu/charms/builds/kubernetes-master/templates/addons/kubedns-svc.yaml'
'/tmp/kubernetesZpl0Cy/cluster/addons/cluster-monitoring/influxdb/grafana-service.yaml' -> '/home/ubuntu/charms/builds/kubernetes-master/templates/addons/grafana-service.yaml'
'/tmp/kubernetesZpl0Cy/cluster/addons/cluster-monitoring/influxdb/heapster-controller.yaml' -> '/home/ubuntu/charms/builds/kubernetes-master/templates/addons/heapster-controller.yaml'
'/tmp/kubernetesZpl0Cy/cluster/addons/cluster-monitoring/influxdb/heapster-service.yaml' -> '/home/ubuntu/charms/builds/kubernetes-master/templates/addons/heapster-service.yaml'
'/tmp/kubernetesZpl0Cy/cluster/addons/cluster-monitoring/influxdb/influxdb-grafana-controller.yaml' -> '/home/ubuntu/charms/builds/kubernetes-master/templates/addons/influxdb-grafana-controller.yaml'
'/tmp/kubernetesZpl0Cy/cluster/addons/cluster-monitoring/influxdb/influxdb-service.yaml' -> '/home/ubuntu/charms/builds/kubernetes-master/templates/addons/influxdb-service.yaml'
build: ---------------------------------------
build:               Build Report
build: ---------------------------------------
build:    tactics/
proof: OK!

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mbruzek commented Jan 3, 2017

Thanks for breaking this out into another issue. I am OK with moving the verbosity as is to DEBUG, but I have another suggestion/idea.

  • Suppress all this output.
  • Create a string message (possibly to debug) where the original file is from and where it is copied to. Such as:

Copying dashboard-controller.yaml from to kubernetes-master/templates/addons/dashboard-controller.yaml

My point is I just want to know that the build process is taking files not in the current filesystem or repository and copying them to the built charm. You can use full paths or whatever I just want it clear where the file is coming from and where it is going and it is not obvious in the current output.

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