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Apache Pig is a platform for creating MapReduce programs used with Hadoop. It consists of a high-level language (Pig Latin) for expressing data analysis programs, coupled with infrastructure for evaluating these programs. Learn more at

This charm supports running Pig in two execution modes:

  • Local Mode: Pig runs using your local host and file system. Specify local mode using the -x flag: pig -x local
  • Mapreduce Mode: Pig runs using a Hadoop cluster and HDFS. This is the default mode; you can, optionally, specify it using the -x flag: pig or pig -x mapreduce


This charm is intended to be deployed via the apache-analytics-pig bundle:

juju quickstart apache-analytics-pig

This will deploy the Apache Hadoop platform with Apache Pig available to execute Pig Latin jobs on your data. Once deployment is complete, you can run Pig in a variety of modes:

Local Mode

Run Pig in local mode on the Pig unit with the following:

juju ssh pig/0
pig -x local

MapReduce Mode

MapReduce mode is the default for Pig. To run in this mode, ssh to the Pig unit and run pig as follows:

juju ssh pig/0

Status and Smoke Test

The services provide extended status reporting to indicate when they are ready:

juju status --format=tabular

This is particularly useful when combined with watch to track the on-going progress of the deployment:

watch -n 0.5 juju status --format=tabular

The message for each unit will provide information about that unit's state. Once they all indicate that they are ready, you can perform a "smoke test" to verify that Spark is working as expected using the built-in smoke-test action:

juju action do pig/0 smoke-test

After a few seconds or so, you can check the results of the smoke test:

juju action status

You will see status: completed if the smoke test was successful, or status: failed if it was not. You can get more information on why it failed via:

juju action fetch <action-id>

Contact Information