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Juju Charm Tools

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This is a collection of tools to make writing Juju charms easier. See Juju's home page for more information.


To run the latest stable release, use:

sudo snap install charm --classic

You'll also almost certainly want to install Juju as well:

sudo snap install juju --classic

If you want to run the latest pre-release versions, you can use the other snap channels. For example:

sudo snap install charm --channel=edge

The available channels are: stable, candidate, beta, and edge.

Note: While charm-tools is also available on PyPI (for use as a Python dependency) and is generally kept up to date there with stable releases, the snap should always be used instead, if at all possible.


To see a list of available commands, use:

charm help

The most commonly used commands are the charm life-cycle commands:

charm create    # create a new charm
charm build     # build a charm using layers
charm proof     # validate a charm via the linter
charm login     # login to the charm store
charm push      # push a charm to the store
charm release   # release a pushed charm to the public
charm show      # show information about a charm in the store
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