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charm-tools 2.x

This is a summary of the 2.x charm-tools subcommands. For more detailed information refer to the charm-tools documentation.

Install charm-tools

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:juju/devel
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:juju/stable
sudo apt update -qq
sudo apt install -y charm-tools

charm-tools 2.x subcommands

add            - add icon, readme, or tests to a charm
attach         - upload a file as a resource for a charm
build          - build a charm from layers and interfaces
create         - create a new charm
grant          - grant charm or bundle permissions
help           - show help on a command or other topic
layers         - inspect the layers of a built charm
list           - list charms for a given user name
list-resources - display the resources for a charm in the charm store
login          - login to the charm store
logout         - logout from the charm store
proof          - perform static analysis on a charm or bundle
publish        - publish a charm or bundle
pull           - download a charm or bundle from the charm store
pull-source    - download the source code for a charm, layer, or interface
push           - push a charm or bundle into the charm store
revoke         - revoke charm or bundle permissions
set            - set charm or bundle extra-info, home page or bugs URL
show           - print information on a charm or bundle
terms          - lists terms owned by the user
test           - execute charm functional tests
version        - display tooling version information
whoami         - display jaas user id and group membership

Using charm-tools

charm add
  • charm add tests - Add things to an existing charm, such as icon, tests, readme (template).
charm attach
  • charm attach ~user/trusty/wordpress website-data ./ - Upload a file as a resource for a charm.
charm build
  • charm build - Build the layers and interfaces into a charm.