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package hook
import (
// TODO should we add a CleanUp or Remove method on
// this type to remove all the state?
// PersistentState is used to save persistent charm state
// to disk. It is defined as an interface so that it can
// be defined differently for tests. The customary implementation
// is DiskState.
type PersistentState interface {
// Save saves the given state data with the given name.
Save(name string, data []byte) error
// Load loads the state data from the given name.
// If the data has not previously been saved, this
// should return (nil, nil).
Load(name string) ([]byte, error)
// diskState is an implementation of PersistentState that
// stores the state in the filesystem.
type diskState struct {
dir string
// NewDiskState returns an implementation of
// PersistentState that stores state in the given directory.
func NewDiskState(dir string) PersistentState {
return &diskState{dir}
// Save implements PersistentState.Save.
func (s *diskState) Save(name string, data []byte) error {
if err := os.MkdirAll(s.dir, 0700); err != nil {
return errgo.Mask(err)
if err := ioutil.WriteFile(s.path(name), data, 0600); err != nil {
return errgo.Mask(err)
return nil
// Load implements PersistentState.Load
func (s *diskState) Load(name string) ([]byte, error) {
data, err := ioutil.ReadFile(s.path(name))
if os.IsNotExist(err) {
return nil, nil
if err != nil {
return nil, errgo.Mask(err)
return data, nil
func (s *diskState) path(name string) string {
return filepath.Join(s.dir, name+".json")