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// Copyright 2016 Canonical Ltd.
// Licensed under the LGPLv3, see LICENCE file for details.
package schema
import (
// TimeDuration returns a Checker that accepts a string value, and returns
// the parsed time.Duration value. Emtpy strings are considered empty time.Duration
func TimeDuration() Checker {
return timeDurationC{}
type timeDurationC struct{}
// Coerce implements Checker Coerce method.
func (c timeDurationC) Coerce(v interface{}, path []string) (interface{}, error) {
if v == nil {
return nil, error_{"string or time.Duration", v, path}
var empty time.Duration
switch reflect.TypeOf(v).Kind() {
case reflect.TypeOf(empty).Kind():
return v, nil
case reflect.String:
vstr := reflect.ValueOf(v).String()
if vstr == "" {
return empty, nil
v, err := time.ParseDuration(vstr)
if err != nil {
return nil, parseError(path, "duration", err)
return v, nil
return nil, error_{"string or time.Duration", v, path}
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