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Noto Emoji

Color and Black-and-White Noto emoji fonts, and tools for working with them.

This fork includes some flags not found in emoji fonts that don't exist in Unicode yet, such as:

  • Provinces of Canada
  • States of the United States
  • States of Mexico
  • Brittany
  • Catalonia
  • Northern Ireland

More flags will be added with time, be sure to support eventual Unicode proposals about them! Until then, you can download the font here.

Why I do this? I believe every region, province and state should have their emoji, even though that would make a lot of flags in the emoji picker! Unicode already have something in place to represent all of them, so they should all be there.

Want your region to be included in this font? Feel free to file an issue about it!

Building NotoColorEmoji

Building NotoColorEmoji currently requires a Python 2.x wide build. To build the emoji font you will require a few files from nototools. Clone a copy from and either put it in your PYTHONPATH or use 'python develop' ('install' currently won't fully install all the data used by nototools). You will also need fontTools, get it from

Then run make. NotoColorEmoji is the default target. It's suggested to use -j, especially if you are using zopflipng for compression. Intermediate products (compressed image files, for example) will be put into a build subdirectory; the font will be at the top level.

Using NotoColorEmoji

NotoColorEmoji uses the CBDT/CBLC color font format, which is supported by Android and Chrome/Chromium OS. Windows supports it starting with Windows 10 Anniversary Update in Chome and Edge. On macOS, only Chrome supports it, while on Linux it will support it with some fontconfig tweaking, see issue #36. Currently we do not build other color font formats.

Color emoji assets

The assets provided in the repo are all those used to build the NotoColorEmoji font. Note however that NotoColorEmoji often uses the same assets to represent different character sequences-- notably, most gender-neutral characters or sequences are represented using assets named after one of the gendered sequences. This means that some sequences appear to be missing. Definitions of the aliasing used appear in the emoji_aliases.txt file.

Also note that the images in the font might differ from the original assets. In particular the flag images in the font are PNG images to which transforms have been applied to standardize the size and generate the wave and border shadow. We do not have SVG versions that reflect these transforms.

B/W emoji font

The black-and-white emoji font is not under active development. Its repertoire of emoji is now several years old, and the design does not reflect the current color emoji design. Currently we have no plans to update this font.


Emoji fonts (under the fonts subdirectory) are under the SIL Open Font License, version 1.1.
Tools and most image resources are under the Apache license, version 2.0. Flag images under third_party/region-flags are in the public domain or otherwise exempt from copyright (more info).


Please read CONTRIBUTING if you are thinking of contributing to this project.


  • 2020-01-20: Added fork.
  • 2017-09-13: Emoji redesign released.
  • 2015-12-09: Unicode 7 and 8 emoji image data (.png format) added.
  • 2015-09-29: All Noto fonts now licensed under the SIL Open Font License.


Noto Emoji fonts, with a bunch of added flags







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