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Juka Kernel (DReAM): Core of Juka Programming Language
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Dream Juka - Dream Programming Language

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Dream Juka is the core component of Juka platform. It can compile programs into executables as well as compile itself into a .NET Standard .dll which can be used in other projects.

Juka library is used for running Juka server.

Running Juka

Juka can be ran on a server. Check out



  • .NET Standard .dll library that can be used in any C# projects including Xamarin for building iOS/Android Apps, .NET Core for building cross platform apps for Mac/OS, Windows Apps, and Windows desktop applications. It is currently used to compile our Xamarin Forms application.


  • Provides you examples to get you started on DReAM

Visual Studio/Development Requirements

Make sure you have .NET installed in Visual Studio 2019

The following packages that are required:

  • .NET Framework 4.6.1
  • Latest version of NuGet
  • Microsoft.CodeAnalysis
  • Antlr4.Runtime.Standard (latest version downloaded via NuGet)
  • MSTest.TestAdapter (latest version downloaded via NuGet)[Unit Test Only]
  • MSTest.TestFramework (latest version downloaded via NuGet)[Unit Test Only]

Running Development version

  • Open up DReAM.sln
  • Right click on solution and click "Restore NuGet Packages"
  • (alternatively you can do this via console in src/ folder)
  • Click "Start" button which will compile .dll and the main application.
  • Run DreamUnitTests using Test->Run->All Tests
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