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This is a very simple, but yet powerful and realiable PHP framework, which implements MVC model.

Key Benefits

Very simple and consistent code, which is easy to understand and modify. Has been tested under heavy load with million of hits every day.

Technical Requirements

You need PHP 5.3 and newer, MySQL, Memcached and blitz templates engine (


This project is developed by a group of enthusiasts and implements some ideas, they achieved within their collaborative work in good old times. The name is the same but the code has been rewritten and improved totally. But still it is far not a perfect one.

Here goes a complete list of members who ever made any kind of contributions even if they are not listed in the source any more.

Active Maintainers:

  • Igor Askarov
  • Vladimir Zbrailov

Other contributors/inspirators:

  • Denis Egorov
  • Anton Karakulov
  • Sergey Muratov
  • Ilya Ostrerov


There are tons of implrovements to work on! We do not advertise this code too much. If you like it, use it. Any ideas and reports are kindly welcomed!


Sample project utilizing this code can be found here:


This code is distributed under BSD license.

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