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  1. a grid of agent interacting
  2. the same grid of agent with a pertubation (a floor is encoded so that agent can get «poorer»)
  3. the number of transaction per agent «personnality»
  4. the average «wealth» per profile in both model
  5. the ratio of «wealth» (compared to initial wealth) per universe

KISS my agent is
KISS : Keep It Simple Stupid (700l of code)
it is graphic (matplolib >= 0.98 ) because it is complex and graphic hints are better for groking
it is object because it suits well with the design, but object is not important.

What Does the stuff says ?

In a universe where predators (RED) always take utility without counterpart, opposed to Confident (BLUE) which trade with added value :

  1. red always get richer while poor get poorer
  2. in a world without individual bankrupty global wealth augment, but poor get poorer
  3. in bankrupted world : augmentation until RED harvest all, then it just falls down till all BLUE gets too poor to deal (limit).

ref :