Social dictionary application for Django projects.
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socialdict is a django app that retrieves terms from microblogging sites and stores and displays them as a simple dictionary.


* Add 'socialdict' to your INSTALLED_APPS and sync your database.

* In your project settings file you need to add the following settings:

- SOCIALDICT_BACKENDS: a tuple containing the strings of the module names
                       to be used to retrieve terms from.
    SOCIALDICT_BACKENDS = ('twitter',)

- SOCIALDICT_HASHTAG: the hashtag that will be used to retrieve terms.
    SOCIALDICT_HASHTAG = 'hitzokei'

* Include socialdict.urls within your project's URL structure.

* To retrieve terms you need to setup a cron job that calls the socialdict/bin/ You can also run this script from the command line.

How it works

Terms are retrieved based on a certain hashtag and there is a parser that defines what goes in and what goes out. Currently entries that contain URLs or the at-sign are discarded, since they can lead to false positives. The hastag is deleted and a colon character splits the term and the meaning.

So the pattern to follow is:
TERM: meaning #hashtag