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Nintendo Switch Cleaner and Builder. A batchfile, python and html script based in hacbuild and Nut's python libraries. Designed initially to erase titlerights encryption from nsp files and make multicontent nsp/xci files, nowadays is a multicontent tool specialized in batch processing and file information, someone called it a Switch's knife and …
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Nintendo Switch Cleaner and Builder (NSC_Builder)

1. Description

Nintendo Switch Cleaner and Builder. A batchfile, python and html script based in hacbuild and Nut's python libraries. Designed initially to erase titlerights encryption from nsp files and make multicontent nsp/xci files, nowadays is a multicontent tool specialized in batch processing and file information, someone called it a Switch's Knife and he may be right.

NSC_Builder is based both in the works of Blawar’s and Luca Fraga’s hacbuild and powered by “squirrel” a originally a nut’s fork with added functions nowadays it can be considered it's own separate program. From version v0.8 the program doesn’t rely on hacbuild for xci generation and new code was made for a better integration with squirrel.

2. What’s the meaning of “REMOVING TITLE RIGHTS”.

When you remove the titlerights encryption from nsp files you can install the games without any need of tickets, which leaves a smaller trackable footprint on your console, providing you aren’t sending telemetry data to Nintendo. It also helps in the conversion from nsp to xci files allowing to not install tickets externally.

3. What can I do with this program?

Current version of the program allows you to:

1.- Make multi-content xci or nsp files.

2.- Erase titlerights encryption from nsp files.

3.- Build xci files without the “update partition” which means they take less space on your storage.

4.- Take off deltas from updates

5.- Split multi content back into xci or nsp files

6.- Change the packing of the content between xci and nsp

7.- Lower the Required System Version to the actual encryption of the game.

8.- Lower the masterkey needed to decrypt a game.

9.- Check out information from a xci and nsp, including the Firmware needed to be able to execute it, the game info, the size of the nca content…

10.- Check data from nacp and cnmt files without extracting them from nsp\xci

10.- Repack xci and nsp content in formats compatible with fat32

11.- Mass build xci files and nsp files in single and multi content format

12.- Rename nsp,xci files to match it's content

13.- Verify nsp, nsx, nsz, xci and nca files

14.- Output information in text format

15.- Extract content of nsp files and secure partition of xci files

16.- Set jobs for later in multi mode

17.- Separate jobs by based-titleid in multi mode

18.- Remove bad characters from filenames (sanitize) or convert asian names to romaji

19.- Extract nca file contents for base games and dlcs or extract ncas as plaintext

20.- Joiner for xc*,ns* and *0 fat32 files

21.- Compression of nsp files into .nsz files

22.- Graphical interface for file information trough a gui running on chromium\chrome

23.- Restoration of nsp\xci modified with NSC_Builder to their original game nca files.

4. Batch modes:

The batch has 2 modes:

  • auto mode: you drag nsp files individually or folders with several files over the batch to enter in auto mode.

  • manual mode: you double click the batch and you can build a list of files to process.

The behavior of the auto-mode is configured trough the “Configuration menu in manual mode”.

5. Manual mode options:

  • MODE 0: Configuration mode. Let’s you configure the way the program works in both auto and manual mode.
  • MODE 1: Indidual packing. Let’s you process a list of files and pack them individually
    • Pack as nsp\xci
    • Supertrimm\Trimm\Untrimm xci files
    • Rename xci or nsp files
    • Rebuild nsp files in cnmt order and add cnmt.xml
    • Verify nsp,xci files
  • MODE 2: Multi packing. Let’s you pack a list of files in a single xci or nsp file.
    • Separate files by basedid
    • Set up jobs for later
    • Process previous jobs
  • MODE 3: Multi-Content-Splitter. Let’s you separate content to nsp and xci files.
  • MODE 4: File-Info. Let’s you see and export several info about nsp and xci files
      1. Data about included files in nsp\xci
      1. Data about content ids in file
      1. Nut info as implemented by nut by blawar
      1. Information about firmware requirements and other game data
      1. Read cnmt file from meta nca
      1. Read nacp file from control nca
      1. Read npdm file from program nca
      1. Verify files with ability of detecting NSCB changes over them
  • MODE 5: Database Mode. Let’s you mass output information
  • MODE 6: Advanced Mode.
      1. Extracts all contents from a nsp\xci
      1. Extracts all contents from a nsp\xci in raw mode
      1. Extracts all contents from a nsp\xci in plaintext
      1. Extracts files from nca inside a nsp\xci
  • MODE 7: File joiner mode. Joins fat32 splitted files
  • MODE 8: Compression\Decompression
      1. Compress nsp files into nsz format
      1. Decompress nsz files into nsp files
  • L: Legacy Mode. Old functions

6. Configuration mode:

Auto Mode options. (Affects only Auto-Mode)

REPACK configuration

  • NSP
  • XCI
  • BOTH


  • Repack folder's files individually (single-content file)
  • Repack folder's files together (multi-content file)

RSV patching configuration

  • Patch Required System Version if it’s bigger than encryption
  • Don’t patch Required System Version if it’s bigger than encryption

KEYGENERATION configuration

  • Set the maximum keygeneration (encryption) the files are allowed to have.

Global options. (Affects how the program works globally)

Text and background COLOR

  • Let’s you choose the colours of the cmd window


  • Let’s you choose the name of the work folder


  • Let’s you choose the name and location of the output folder

DELTA files treatment

  • Let’s you choose if you’re going to pack delta NCA files or not. Set to false by default.

ZIP configuration (currently unused)

  • Let’s you choose if you want to create a zip storing some file information. Set to false by default.

AUTO-EXIT configuration

  • Let’s you choose if the cmd window closes after completing the job.


  • Let’s you choose if you want to see a prompt asking you to patch RSV and keygeneration in manual mode.

File stream BUFFER

  • Buffer for file-stream operations

file FAT32\EXFAT options

Pack xci or nsp in fat32 compatible formats or exfat format.

  • Change CARD FORMAT to exfat (Default)
  • Change CARD FORMAT to fat32 for SX OS (xc0 and ns0 files)
  • Change CARD FORMAT to fat32 for all CFW (archive folder)

How to ORGANIZE output files (currently unused for new modes)

  • Organize files separetely (default)
  • Organize files in folders set by content

Set New Mode or Legacy Mode

  • Use new more advance methods (default)
  • Use old file processing methods

ROMANIZE names when using direct-multi

  • Convert names to romaji (default)
  • Read names from file and keep asian namings when they're read

TRANSLATE descriptions from game-info using google translator

  • FALSE (default)
  • TRUE. Translate japanese, chinese and korean descriptions.

WORKERS use multi threading for renames and database building

  • 1 (default\DEACTIVATED)
  • YOUR NUMBER. Uses several workers to do multiple renames or create multiple database strings at the same time

7. Gui for file information:

  • NSCB File_Info is a html based gui that gives a graphic interface to NSCB info. Yes, it has game-icons, pictures and that stuff you guys like.
  • Current functions are:
    • Game Information. Combines data read from file with eshop data from nutdb
    • Description: Description from the eshop (nutdb)
    • Image Gallery: Pictures from the eshop (nutdb)
    • BaseID File-Tree: Shows the lates version for dlcs and updates associated to the game (nutdb)
    • Titles: Advanced Files List from NSCB-new
    • NACP Reader from NSCB
    • NPDM Reader from NSCB
    • CNMT Reader from NSCB
    • Verification from NSCB, till Level 2 so it's loaded fast. Use normal NSCB for hashing for now.
  • You'll notice some information like BuildIDs is added now, the cnmt was made more readable and I added detection for multiprogram games like Grandia and Hotline Miami
  • Known Issues:
    • CSS probably needs some work, specially for fullscreen.
    • Upper corner menu is a placeholder
    • NPDM decryption is failing in some games, is on my TODO list
    • Multicontent files (generally xci) may need some work to improve parsing speeds
    • Not reading yet splitted files (ns*,xc*,0*) but will add that soon
  • TODO:
    • Output css to a file for theming
    • Language translations
    • Porting NSCB functions
    • Let user choose nutdb files
  • How to use:
    • If you have Chrome or Chromium Installed you're good to go.
    • If you don't want to install those browsers you can use chromium portable.
      1. Get the last version for your system here:
      2. Create a folder in ztools called "Chromium"
      3. Decompress the chromium files somewhere in your pc and execute "chrlauncher 2.5.6 (64-bit).exe" or whatever is called in your zip to get the needed files downloaded
      4. Move all files to ztools\Chromium and rename "chrlauncher 2.5.6 (64-bit).exe" to "chrlauncher.exe". This takes priority over a chrome\chromium installation
    • Once you have all setup just execute "Interface.bat" 5. Rememeber you need to fill keys_template.txt in ztools but i imagine you already know that
  • I use python:
    • Just get latest python 3 and install these dependencies: urllib3 unidecode tqdm bs4 tqdm requests image pywin32 pycryptodome pykakasi googletrans chardet eel bottle
    • Now the tricky part, I use the unreleased version of eel that isn't in pypy so go here Download the master, seek the folder where your eel installation is and overwrite the files with the ones in the master. If you have trouble finding it try doing again pip install eel it'll tell you is up to date and installed in 'X' folder.
    • Then execute "Interface.bat"
  • I use linux or mac:
    • Well i tested it on linux and i'll give you a build at a later time, have to admit I didn't test anything on mac though i imagine it works
    • Install python and: urllib3 unidecode tqdm bs4 tqdm requests image pycryptodome pykakasi googletrans chardet eel bottle
    • Basically same as before ignoring pywin32 that NSCB uses to set the archive bit in folders
    • Replace the eel files for the ones in the master like explained above.
    • Run squirrel with: -lib_call Interface start
    • Or wait a few days for a build if you don't like python

8. File_Info Gui examples:

Picture Picture2 Picture3

9. Important

This program attempts to modify the minimum data possible in nsp and xci files, due to that reason it requires signature patches to ignore both signatures at NCA headers. Firmwares that already include them are:

To install multi-nsp you need a installer compatible with them. Reported compatible installers are:

To install ncz files you need:

10. Requirements

  • A computer with a Window's OS is needed
  • Fill keys_template.txt on the ztools folder and rename it to keys.txt You can get a full keyset with Lockpick if your console is at FW6.2 or A friend can lend you the needed keys. If you want to add the xci_header_key a friend will need to lend it to you.

11. Limitations

  • You can't make multi-content xci files with more than 8 games. It'll give error when loading in horizon. I suspect it may be a qlauncher limitation so it could work with theme mods but INTRO didn't test it. Note: This means “games”, updates and dl car not hold by that limitation.
  • Title-rights remove dlcs give a message prompt of incomplete content for some games from 6.0 onwards, that message can be skipped and the dlcs will work fine despite the prompt.

12. Thanks and credits to

NSC_Builder is based on

a.) Nut: Without the work of "blawar" one of the most talented Switch sceners nothing of this would be possible at this point.

b.) Hacbuild: The xci repacking functions are based on hacbuild's code, made by LucaFraga

c.) nsz,xcz and ncz specification by blawar:

d.) Big thx to 0Liam for his constant help.

e.) pyNCA3,pyNPDM,pyPFS0,pyRomFS libraries adapted from pythac (made by Rikikooo)

f.) an adaptation of Pysos from dagnelies is used for some operations:

Also thanks to:

Nicoboss for the original nsp and xci compression idea:

AnalogMan. He made, figured the needed block size for Horizon format splitted nsps (wich differs from the splitted xci block size) and the need to archive the folders)

Thx to MadScript77 his great suggestions,specially the idea of profiles for the batch.

Thx to 0mn0 and the old SH crew for always being helpful.

Thx to evOLved, Cinnabar and a certain dragon for their help and good suggestions.

Also thanks to all members from gbatemp, and my friends at discord ;)

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