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@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Dec 13, 2018 · 140 commits to master since this release

v0.77- Added new option to global config to skip the RSV and keygeneration patching prompt dialogue.

Added fallback for names in info function number 3 in case there isn't american english name. If name is japanese it'll show weirdly for now

v0.76- Corrected hash calcultion after RSV patching in games that had a lot of updates.

Added RequiredSystemVersion cap when lowering it up, set as FW4.0 by default when it's auto-calculated, since it's needed for some newer updates.

Linked RSV cap to the keygeneration selection. Now if you choose keygeneration 7

RSV won't go lower than 6.2 even if real keygeneration is lower, if you choose 5 it won't go lower than FW5.0, etc...

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