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@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Mar 5, 2019 · 15 commits to Beta since this release


- Added direct generation without nca extracting for individual processing (mode 1)
- Added direct generation without nca extracting for multi-content splitter (mode3)
Note1: Both modes suppport all patches.
- Fixed issues with special characters when building by parsing user inputs and lists trough python. This also solves issues with japanese characters while building.
Note2: this made the interface a little slower at some points.
Note3: Base input in update mode and in the info functions is yet to be modified so if you run into issues there please rename the file.
- Since it was longed asked the Update Mode (Mode 4) was modified. Now titlerights are removed from the base and the same patches (keygeneration, RSV ...) are applied to the base content.
- Added database function (Mode6) It's a direct read from files and supports 3 formats nutdb, extended db and keyless extended. Last one is meant to be able to shared freely Database data can be importet as a CSV via Excel data function or similar functions to filter data.
* Currently is only applied to nsp and nsx. XCI support will come in the future
* It can recover keys from titlerights removed nca
* Currently it doesn't work with nca from standard crypto origin (xci, custom)
* It exports to the INFO folder.
* DLCs are named by number since name data can't be extracted from them.
* It'll support pulling DLC names from nut json files in the future
- Added new info function that shows in a simple way the content ids from a multicontent file
- Added option to verify keys.txt in the options configuration (Mode 0)
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