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@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Apr 12, 2019 · 3 commits to Beta since this release


- Added direct generation without nca extracting for multi pack processing (mode 2)
- Added name calculation for multi pack processing (mode 2)
- Added content calculation for for multi pack processing (This replaces update mode in a better and more efective way)
- Temporarly removed option to fix logo in multi-xci files
- Added option to generate multi-nsp including tickets without nca modification. This files will pass blawar's tinfoil signature check.
* The mode only includes content from nca files
*  If you include unlockers or converts the final file won't pass blawar's tinfoil verification. I'll add an option to prevent inclusion of modified ncas in this mode in future updates.
- Fixed japanese language detection in info functions and db functions for some games. (Note: Still need to fix the 11 japanese games that give a decoding error when gettingthe name)
- Several minor bugfixes
- Set update mode as LEGACY. Bound to be removed in future versions or to be repurposed as a content override mode.
- New naming follows the following scheme: name [titleid] [game version] (number of games + number of updates + number of DLCs)
- Noticed issues in the fat32 splitter with the new direct building modes so it's disabled in the beta.
- Since the splitter was disabled a slighty modified version of 0.80-c was included as stable if you need to do fat32 splitting use that version.
NOTE: In future versions the fat32 splitter will get it's own mode along new trimming functions to avoid interference with the current direct building modes.
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