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@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Jul 2, 2019 · 14 commits to master since this release

v0.87b- Fixes exe builds

- v0.87 exe builds would raise an exception when converting to romaji, this was fixed with the inclusion of the needed missing files.

v0.87- Sanitation of names, romaji convertion, improvements in verification and more

- Automated removal of bad characters on names in direct-multi function

- Added option to convert japanese and asian names to romaji in direct-multi name

Note: This is set by default due to the Horizon system having issues with these characters

- New option in global options to remove the romaji conversion

- New renaming options for renamer function:

* Name sanitazion -> Removes bad characters on filenames.
* Romanize -> Converts kanji\extended kanna\chinese to romaji (japanese romanization)

- Force romaji in prints in info functions for compatibility with windows CMD console

- Fixes issue with info functions,database,renamer,... reading filenames when only chinese language is present in the control nca file.

- Added RSV verification to the verifier.

* If a meta file was modified by NSCB the program will be	able to detect the original RSV
* By restoring the RSV it will be able to restore the header and match it against the Nintendo Private Signature (Signature1) fully authenticating the file.
* Opens the road to a soon to be implemented FILE RESTORATION MODE

- Improved verification prints

* Better detection for isgamecard changes
* Now the program will print the original keygeneration of the file and the new keygeneration
* Added check that will show if a ticket is missing when titlerights are present on a nca file. (For example a preload without the ticket)

- Better verification speeds:

* Some assumptions are taken to speed up verification with keygeneration and RSV changer. These assumptions are made taken into account the way NSCB works and probabilities.
* If squirrel is used by external programs verification times may change.

- Added NACP reader for control nca files without NSP\XCI extraction:

* The implementation is based on 0Liam's NCAP reader and 90% his work

- Added fast prints for every info function instead of nut info by catching the screen prints

* Nut info is planned to be refactored
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