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@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Jul 8, 2019

v0.87c- Bugfixes

- Adds check for correct original titlekey for xci conversions from nsx files without a titlekey.

- Fixes bug when RSV check progress bar multiplies when checking dlc unlockers

- Fixes message "needs RSV check" for non meta files in community-made nca files (They still won't verify in level2 since they won't have a proper signature1)

- Adds name sanitizing after romaji conversion

- Improves blankspace removal after romaji conversion

- Adds all roman numbers to the bad character list, they will be replaced by it's multicharacter equivalent.

  Example: Assasin's Creed 3 uses the Ⅲ character which corresponds to 1 character. 
  This is replaced for III which corresponds for 3 characters

- Fixes message "master_key_08 is present but program doesn't have the hash to verify the key"

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