@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Jan 27, 2019 · 6 commits to Beta since this release

v0.80- BETA VERSION with a lot of important changes

Erased all external program dependencies. Current program is fully powered by squirrel.exe or squirrel.py. (Beta will be based on squirrel.exe

Added direct xci generation from nca files with new code. This increases the generation speed and makes it equal to nsp generation.

Added progression bars

Added direct generation to fat32 formats for nsp and xci

  • FAT32 xci files (xc0, xc1,...)
  • FAT32 compatible with SX rommenu (ns0, ns1,..)
  • FAT32 compatible with all installers (00, 01,..) in an archived folder. Folder is set as archived authomatically

Set zip generation to zip folder and deactivated it by default.

Added option to organize files on subfolders or individually in the output folder. By default it'll be individually.

Added option to configure buffer trough the bat. Increased default buffer to 64kB wich works best for me. Test different buffers to find your best one ;)

Change to false exit in auto-mode and linked it to the batch option that was before only used in manual mode.

Reduced "cls" calls in auto-mode"

Added minimun keys template. NOTE: The xci_header_key is optional, if not included the game-info will use default data already encrypted with a default IV.

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