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@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Sep 30, 2019 · 45 commits to master since this release

Note: It seems the xci files affected for the bug that didn't allow them to run on SX OS 2.9.1 and FW9.0 were made on versions equal or lower than v0.79. This versions used hacbuild that did a not 100% accurate gameinfo, this was fixed when i made my own python code since i remade the xci building from scratch. Either way, while just processing the files fixes them I'll made something to update the game-info to the ones squirrel makes instead of the old hacbuild system.

v0.91b- Introducing NSCB File_Info:

- Fixed Typerror from lines 6873 and 6957, result of adding roma argument to new functions. This error tipically showed when using mode 2 "Multi-Mode"

- Added some gui sample pictures to releases, more here:

v0.91- Introducing NSCB File_Info:

- NSCB File_Info is a html based gui that gives a graphic interface to NSCB info.

  Yes, it has game-icons, pictures and that stuff you guys like.

- Current functions are:

  * Game Information. Combines data read from file with eshop data from nutdb
  * Description: Description from the eshop (nutdb)
  * Image Gallery: Pictures from the eshop (nutdb)
  * BaseID File-Tree: Shows the lates version for dlcs and updates associated to the game (nutdb)
  * Titles: Advanced Files List from NSCB-new
  * NACP Reader from NSCB
  * NPDM Reader from NSCB
  * CNMT Reader from NSCB
  * Verification from NSCB, till Level 2 so it's loaded fast. Use normal NSCB for hashing for now.

- You'll notice some information like BuildIDs is added now, the cnmt was made more readable and I added detection for multiprogram games like Grandia and Hotline Miami

- Known Issues:

  * CSS probably needs some work, specially for fullscreen.
  * Upper corner menu is a placeholder
  * NPDM decryption is failing in some games, is on my TODO list
  * Multicontent files (generally xci) may need some work to improve parsing speeds
  * Not reading yet splitted files (ns*,xc*,0*) but will add that soon


  * Output css to a file for theming
  * Language translations
  * Porting NSCB functions
  * Let user choose nutdb files

- How to use:

  * If you have Chrome or Chromium Installed you're good to go.
  * If you don't want to install those browsers you can use chromium portable.
    1. Get the last version for your system here:
    2. Create a folder in ztools called "Chromium"
    3. Decompress the chromium files somewhere in your pc and execute "chrlauncher 2.5.6 (64-bit).exe" or whatever is called in your zip to get the needed files downloaded
    4. Move all files to ztools\Chromium and rename "chrlauncher 2.5.6 (64-bit).exe" to "chrlauncher.exe". This takes priority over a chrome\chromium installation
  * Once you have all setup just execute "Interface.bat"
    5. Remember you need to fill keys_template.txt in ztools but i imagine you already know that

- I use python:

  * Just get latest python 3.7.X and install these dependencies: 
	urllib3 unidecode tqdm bs4 tqdm requests image pywin32 pycryptodome pykakasi 
	googletrans chardet eel bottle
  * Now the tricky part, I use the unreleased version of eel that isn't in pypy so go
	here Download the master, seek the folder where 
	your eel installation is and overwrite the files with the ones in the master.
	If you have trouble finding it try doing again pip install eel it'll tell you is
	up to date and installed in 'X' folder.
  * Then execute "Interface.bat" 

- I use linux or mac:

  * Well i tested it on linux and i'll give you a build at a later time, have to admit I didn't test anything on mac though i imagine it works
  * Install python and:
  	urllib3 unidecode tqdm bs4 tqdm requests image pycryptodome pykakasi	googletrans chardet eel bottle
  * Basically same as before ignoring pywin32 that NSCB uses to set the archive bit in folders	
  * Replace the eel files for the ones in the master like explained above.	
  * Run squirrel with: -lib_call Interface start
  * Or wait a few days for a build if you don't like python

- Enough with the gui you fixed something did you not? Yep, here's the NSCB changelog:

  * Added BuildID to gameinfo
  * Fixed issue where fat32 files are bigger than the allowed block in fat32 cards
  * Couldn't fixed the issue where some files are a little smaller when using mode2 yetbut tested the files itself and they work fine, remember SX OS allows any block size for splitted files in ns0 and xc0 formats.
  * Fixed issue in untrimmer.
  * Added check when refreshing nutdb against 404 errors
  * Added force update option for nutdb in MODE0: CONFIGURATION
  * Added hash for masterkey9
  * Added options in verification to check 9.0 RSV
  * Added keygeneration10 to the patch limit in all options
  * Probably something else that I don't remember.
  * Fixed times in not autoupdate zip.	  
  * Changed packed squirrel.exe system to onefolder. While less visually pleasing the gui made squirrel bigger which also increased the gui boot times. Onefolder doesn't have the files compressed which gives it faster boot times

- Final Note: If you want support for cxci and titlerights removed files don't update to FW9.0 SX OS Beta9. I'll wait and see if they fix the several bugs the beta has before I try some alternatives to make converted files run in 9.0.

- Big thanks to blawar for nutdb and nut of course, ChrisKnott for Eel and Metro4 for their great css AND javascript library.


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