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@julesontheroad julesontheroad released this Oct 28, 2019 · 60 commits to master since this release

v0.96b - Little fixes:

- Added xcz and nsz extension in the multi mode. In the latest release due to an overlook it was added only in the first input shown when the user enters in the multimode.

- Added extensions to the current auto functions.

v0.96 - nsz and xcz as input for most funtions:

- Added nsz and xcz as input to several functions. Though some were alredy added i'll recapitulate the current state of all functions regarding nsz\xcz support.

  • Mode 1: Individual Mode.
    • Support to repack as nsp\xci with support for keygeneration and rsv patching.
    • Support in erase deltas and rebuild functions. Rebuild will give the same output as the decompressor but add a xml if needed for nsz files.
    • Support to rename of nsz\xcz which was already supported
    • Support for nsz\xcz verification which was also already supported.
    • xci trimmer\supertrimmer\untrimmer will filter the xcz\nsz from the list since it currently wouldn't have a different effect than repack\decompress.
  • Mode 2: Multi Mode.
  • Adds support to nsz\xcz as input. Mixed inputs of nsz\xcz\nsp\xci are supported to all multi options.
  • Mode 3: Splitter mode.
    • Now allows to split in a decompressed state multi nsz\xcz as it does with xci\nsp
  • Mode 4: Info mode.
    • All info functions except nut-info are currently supported.
  • Mode 5: Database mode.
    • Currently doesn't output the titlekey. It will be corrected in future releases
  • Mode 6: Advanced mode.
    • File extractor will extract all files in a decompressed state. Nsz get decompressed during extraction.
    • Raw extractor will extract the nsz files uncompressed
    • Plaintext and nca extraction operations aren't addapted yet.
    • Linked account patcher will support nsz and xcz files.

- IMPORTANT: When FAT32 types are selected as output format the nsz\xcz will be filtered from list for modes that output fat32 files, this is due to not have added the fat32 output code yet. I'll due for next release since it always require more testing.

- XCZ and NSZ will be added as output formats too for modes 1,2 and 3 in next releases.


- Corrected issue where verification of keygeneration patch cnmts will show as correct and then show a second message as incorrect.

- Corrected issue where restoration mode won't restore the cnmt file under some conditions for RSV patched cnmts

- Added mirror for nutdb database

Important Note

Rommenu SX OS gallery installer currently doesn't work properly with games using master_key_09\keygeneration 10. These won't install properly in that installer and xci or cxci that uses that masterkey will show a white icon in the loader, though they will mount properly due to the system handling that part.
The solution is to lower the keygeneration, as it happened before in FW 6.2 if my memory serves me right. I checked and lowering these games to keygeneration 9 (master_key_08) will show the icons as expected and allow to install those games under that installer.
If you only plan to install them remember you can use other alternative like SX Installer, tinfoil, OGTinfoil, lithium or goldleaf.

Hopefully TX solves this soon but for now please use this countermeasure.

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