Studying the impact of asynchronuous communications
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The goal is to understand the different between synchronous and asynchronous communication. In src/ there are three programs that do the same thing but using different communication method.

All details on

What is there?

All these programs make N requests to a webserver and prints the reply. The difference is how they process the request:

  • src/epoll.c: use asynchronous communication ith the Linux epoll framework.
  • src/sync.c: spawn a thread for each communication and use synchronous communication.
  • src/posix/async.c: is an attempt to use the POSIX async API. Since the API is crap, I stop trying.

How to build the programs?

make clean all

Note: async does not work. This is just an attempt to use the POSIX async-io framework

How to use it?

./[sync|epoll] hostname 80

It will then issue a request to on port 80 and print the result.

If you want to make some performance measurement, do:

time ./[sync|epoll] hostname 80

How to modify the number of requests being issued?

Modify the NREQUEST variable in the Makefile.

Then, rebuild everything:

make clean all

More information

You can read the related blog post: