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StudyBuddy is a flash card sharing and organization system. Users can:

  • create decks of flash cards
  • share decks with other users and browse other users' decks
  • edit or delete only decks that they themselves created
  • compete with other users on leaderboards
  • view their personal 'recently played games' history
  • pause and resume games


  • Navigate to /studybuddy/lib/ in the Terminal
  • Run $ ruby studybuddy.rb
  • Sign in as an existing user by typing one of the listed names, or type "new" to add a new user
  • In the main menu, browse existing decks by typing "view"
  • From the deck list, type "cards" to see the individual question cards within each deck
  • Type "leaderboards" to see the list of users who have played each deck, ranked from highest-scoring to lowest
  • Typing "history" will show the list of games you've played recently and how you scored on them
  • Typing "edit" will allow you to make changes to cards within decks you've created (you can't alter decks created by other users)
  • Typing "delete" will allow you to delete decks you've created (same limitation applies!)
  • Typing "play" brings up the list of decks and allows you to start a game
  • Typing "resume" will bring up a list of games you've paused midway and allow you to continue playing them
  • Typing "switch" brings back the list of users and allows someone else to sign in
  • Typing "quit" ends the program.

User Stories and Project Tasks

  • For a list of user stories describing the program's behavior, please see the '' file.
  • For a look at how I divided up the pieces of the program, here's my Trello board:
  • You'll notice there are a few features I didn't have time to implement. Maybe someday...


  • RSpec tests are included in the 'studybuddy_spec.rb' file within the directory /studybuddy/spec/
  • To run these, navigate to the main /studybuddy/ directory in the Terminal and run $ rspec


  • The ERD for this program is included as an image, erd.png


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