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Privacy Policy

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Help improve the Julia VS Code extension by sending usage statistics and exceptions to the team.

If you don't want to send any of this information to the team, please follow the instructions below to disable these features.

Collected data

If the julia.enableTelemetry setting is configured to be true, anonymous, non-identifying usage and error data is sent to the development team.

When the julia.enableCrashReporter setting is configured to be true, stack traces from errors in the extension are sent to the development team. Those stack traces can contain identifying information, for example filenames.

This information is collected and sent via Azure Application Insights.

Disabling telemetry

To not send any usage data or crash reports to the development team, set the julia.enableTelemetry and julia.enableCrashReporter setting to false.

Opt-in policy

By default both julia.enableTelemetry and julia.enableCrashReporter are set to null. With that setting, no data is sent to the development team, but UI will appear asking users to agree to enabling these settings. Only when a user explicitly opts-in will any data ever be sent.

Use of the collected data

The collected data is used to improve the julia VS Code extension. We don't sell the information. We might sometimes publish anonymous statistics (for example number of users etc.)

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