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Prospect is an Outlook mail desktop client powered by Electron
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Prospect Mail client


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The Outlook desktop client for the new Outlook Interface from MS Office 365.


Needed configuration in your Outlook Web configuration

It's recommended to enable the new design to be able to use this client


  • Receive your Outlook OWA MS Office 365 online from the desktop app
  • Close to minimise
  • Dock tray support
  • System notification

Architecture components

The main software architecture components and their versions are this:


Clone the repository and run in development mode. (You need to have git installed)

git clone
cd electron-outlook
yarn start

Build the application for linux

yarn run dist:linux

This will build an AppImage, deb and snap files in the dist folder. This files can be run in most popular linux distributions.

Is possible to specify the snap or AppImage build type using running this:

yarn run dist:linux:snap


The released application can be downloaded here.


Once it was builded, or using the release files available, you can install the files using AppImage process, using .deb sudo dpkg -i prospect-mail_x.y.z_arch.deb or using the snap file sudo snap install prospect-mail_x.y.z_arch.snap --dangerous.


npm version (new release version)
git push origin master
git push origin --tags
npm publish


MIT by Julian Alarcon based on work on electron-outlook by Howard J

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