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abc Ghost Theme

Be aware that it was built in 2014. But after updates, it should work well with Ghost 4


abc theme is a free open source Ghost theme (MIT license). You can use it as you like. If you want, you can show me what you have built on it.


Remember to change your disqus_shortname variable in partials/disqus.hbs file!

Main features (demo page instance of Ghost is outdated, but code is up to date)

( demos are hosted using an older version of Ghost)

You can download it from the GitHub repository: If you like it, consider starring it on GitHub :)

You can contact me through Twitter @juliancwirko

Your feedback will be very appreciated. You can also send feature requests by opening issues on GitHub.


Compiling Sass

There are .scss and .css files in the assets/css folder (you can use the scss files with your favorite Sass workflow. For example with



Check out my other themes (Themeforest):