Meteor and Cylon.js for Arduino
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Meteor CylonJS wrapper for Arduino board.


Just add the package and config your Cylon. Example:

Server side:

Meteor.startup(function () {

        name: 'Number Six',
        description: 'Description is optional..',

        connections: {
          arduino: { adaptor: 'firmata', port: '/dev/ttyACM0' }

        devices: {
          redLed: { driver: 'led', pin: 13 },
          yellowLed: { driver: 'led', pin: 12 }

        redLed: function () {
            return + ' toggles red led';

        yellowLed: function () {
            return + ' toggles yellow led';

        commands: function () {
            return {
                'Toggle red Led': this.redLed,
                'Toggle yellow Led': this.yellowLed


More configuration options and devices documentation on cylonjs website:

You can also add juliancwirko:caprica package. This is a simple admin panel for all your connected Cylons. It will list all configured commands. It need to be added by hand. You can read more about it here:

Blog post

Meteor meets Arduino and Cylon


  • 1.1.1 should be compatible with Cylon 1.0 There is also older version of Serialport (1.3.1) needed because Meteor has some problems with newest version.