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Aims to help avoiding adding giant mods for single features by adding only those nice features.
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Handy Mods

A small mod that aims to extract handy features from giant mods so you can shave down your mod list, loading times, and JEI pages.

Download in the Releases section or on CurseForge.

Check out the Images section on CurseForge for more details!

Current features:

  • Ender Box: a nice way to move blocks around while keeping their contents intact (heavily inspired by Mekanism cardboard box)
  • Item Holder: single-item inventory for displaying stuff or automation (similar to one use-case of Tinkers Construct drying rack)
  • Chesty Crafting Table: crafting table that keeps its contents after you exit the gui (inspired by Tinkers Construct crafting station)
  • Ender Boxer: automatically contains the block it's pointing at within an Ender Box while provided with a redstone signal.

Planned features:

  • Maybe a lightweight autonomous activator/mechanical user thing (as requested on curseforge by Chilled_dayz)

To Do

  • maybe check that the block can be placed before unwrapping (makes for ugly code though)
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