Development repository for Chef JIRA cookbook


There is a much better JIRA cookbook on the Chef Supermarket. This code is no longer maintained.


Installs Atlassian JIRA, a popular project-management and ticketing system for software project teams.



  • CentOS 6/RHEL6

This cookbook might work on CentOS 5, but JIRA no longer supports PostgreSQL 8.1 so you would need to use PostgreSQL 8.4 or host the database on another server.


  • database
  • postgresql


This cookbook assumes that you'll install JIRA into /opt, but this is configurable.

Other common user-serviceable parts:

  • node['jira']['homedir'] - Atlassian's documentation calls this the "home directory", but this is really where JIRA will store its working files.

If integrating with Crowd, the following attributes can be set:

  • node['jira']['crowd_sso']['sso_appname'] - the "app name" in Crowd
  • node['jira']['crowd_sso']['sso_password'] - the "app password" to authenticate against Crowd with
  • node['jira']['crowd_sso']['crowd_base_url'] - the Crowd base URL



Does nothing.


Unpack Atlassian JIRA from the tarball and perform basic configuration allowing you to set it up.


Sets up a local PostgreSQL database for JIRA to talk to.


Does some basic configuration of JIRA for integration with Atlassian Crowd for single-sign-on/directory integration.


  • It's obviously impossible to Chef out the entire JIRA install because much of it is interactive. This cookbook deals with getting JIRA onto the system and the database set up, not configuring the actual app itself.
  • Various XML files in JIRA need to be edited to make things like SSL termination at a front-end apache work. These can't be managed by Chef: in particular, modifying the "proxyHost", "proxyPort" and "proxyserver" attributes of server.xml
  • Single-sign-on configuration with Crowd is not managed by this cookbook either since it also involves editing XML files.


  • Support other databases other than PostgreSQL.
  • Support databases on machines other than "localhost".
  • Support platforms other than RHEL.
  • Find a way to manage needed directives in JIRA's XML configs.

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