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@juliangarnier juliangarnier released this
· 129 commits to master since this release
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New features

  • New easings: spring(mass, stiffness, damping, velocity) and steps(x)
  • Add endDelay parameter
  • New keyframes system
  • New staggering helper
  • New callbacks: loopBegin(), loopComplete(), changeBegin(), change() and changeComplete()
  • Automatic CSS units conversion
  • Responsive motion path animation
  • New set() helper to apply values instantly to multiple targets
  • ES6 Modules and new build process
  • New documentation
  • A website.

Bug fixes

  • No need to re-define a transform property when animating multiple transforms on the same target in a timeline
  • Improved simultaneous animations on the same target #257
  • Allow remove() to remove targets from timeline #318 #286
  • Reversed animations can now be delayed using endDelay #254
  • Better inline style unit handling (check inline style before getComputedStyle) #251
  • SVG scale property is no longer overridden by CSS transform scale #316
  • Fix Uncaught “TypeError: Cannot read property 'targets' of undefined” when there are no TL parameters object specified #341
  • Fix a bug that prevented specific HTML ids selectors to be selected (HEX colours) #281
  • Fix wrong initial SVG transform value in some cases #340

API changes

  • run() callback has been replaced by change()
  • animations are now paused when tab of window is not active
  • getValue() has been replaced by get()
  • Cubic Bézier curves are now defined using a string ‘cubicBezier(x1,y1,x2,y2)’ instead of an array
  • Timeline offset property has been replaced by timelineOffset #229
  • Timeline offset can be set as a second argument inside .add()